VA Apt Hub Concept


My role in this project was a Design Lead. I was responsible for design thinking and user centered design information gathering, analysis, prototyping, project management, team member management and design files output. I worked within the design criteria of and ensuring compliance of said design system and branding.
In my role, I worked with researching best in class comparative analysis of different patient portals. Designed a number of designs and presented to stakeholders, gathered feedback and added that into designs. I also interviewed Vets (potential users) on what they want to see within features and functions of the application.

Successes/Lessons Learned

Delivered 100% of the time, integrated digital office hours where live co-creation could occur.


Veterens Affairs (VA)

Project Start Date


Project End Date


Link to project


UX, Cx, UI


US Veterans

Methods Used

Sketch, Mural, GITHUB, Zenhub

What I contributed

Wireframes, site maps, user flows, brainstorming articles, ideation articles, feedback based itterative designs.

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