WF LOB Portal Project


My Role
I was in charge of digital communications for the Wholesale banking organization. A line of business in the bank consisting of 100,000 international and domestic Wells Fargo employees with a lot of diversity. One of the responsibilities I was tasked with was creating an Line Of Business Portal, an intranet front office of sorts. A place where within the large landscape of Wells Fargo teams could connect and share resources & information. Basically a place to show the systemic interdependence between teams in a process driven workplace teams.

This being my largest project of size (with about 80 teams initially scoped-per the manager that had hired me for the role) I worked to create a few phased design releases within this giant project. What was unique about this project was that I was not only the designer, but also a project manager and developer as well as content strategist and process designer.


The research here involved brand and interaction designs that fit within Wells Fargo’s brand and style. I also spent time with leadership to fully understand what this was looking to achieve (by stakeholder interviews) - a digital connectivity of teams. I also had to research the software and varied functionality that would exist and what was possible with it. After an initial survey with stakeholders I learned that most of the stakeholders really had no idea where to start when it came to how they wanted their site, brand standards and methods, therefore I wanted to create a menu of sorts for them to choose items. Of course every menu has a secret menu as well of custom things and that would be available.

The Design Library

I created a fully branded, custom coded design library, complete with:

I developed a typographic hierarchy for the sites using custom font.
I created a Color palette to fit within the brand and show unity
Application Library - to display functions of the site and various applications
A mocked site with medium functionality and dummy text - so stakeholders could see value and demo
Custom Code/CSS for branding - I coded custom css and html to give these sites a unique custom feel within the Wells Fargo Brand.
The custom CSS overwrote css for a number of 3rd party plug in integration with apps. This was a code basedvisual elements for WF brand)

Post Design Pattern Library

For an intake and prioritization, I created an intake survey and information form.
I designed an intake survey for key stakeholders. The survey it goes through various information gathering questions and gets the stakeholder ready for engagement by informing them of expectations.
Working from a first in first out method I took in different teams with about 4-5 stakeholders per team into the design space to create their digital storefront. Using the intake form and deeper dive analysis I understood what they were wanting to achieve and gave them a variety of ways to do so using prototyping as a method of display.

Extra Credit

Remember earlier when I said there could be customization? This is the part where it fits in. After the menu items are chosen and the client still wants some cusom stuff. Whether its graphics, video forms with workflows, or a internal social communications component; this was the space where we could create it. Using the pattern library helped establish this custom time as well.
Generally the work consisted of a business driven 2 week sprint, from introduction and engagement to providing design assets and wireframes to finally a finished site.
Stakeholders or designated employees were then trained on the management and maintenance aspects of the site and shown a way to get improvements or new requests.
In the end: this cycle went on for 95+ teams and across various efforts.


Along the way I created a knowledge base of the different sites and archive (internal to Wells Fargo) of the different project artifacts for client management going forward
I created training videos on how to manage the sites and communities of practice. After Thoughts

Overall, I was pleased with the work I did. The project was massive and while it will never win an award or be recognized for any high achieving asset; it did what it was purposed to do. Connected teams, shared resources and enhanced relationships.
Personally, it was challenging due to the shear size of stakeholders and diversity of which I had to take into consideration. Being able to take all into consideration and the inclusivity of the project was really rewarding.
If I could do it over: I would want a newer tech stack to work within. The environment I was working in was dated almost 10 years in some instances.

Successes/Lessons Learned

95+ sites launched with custom content and interactions. Connected many international and domestic team members who have never spoke but work within a business process together.


Wells Fargo

Project Start Date


Project End Date


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UX, UI, Video, Graphics, Branding


Wells Fargo Internal Teams within CIB, CB, Wholesale and more

Methods Used

Interviews, Fly on the wall analysis, surveys, Design Pattern Development, HTML, Process Diagraming

What I contributed

Design Pattern Library,
Icons, Imagery, Typographic Hierarchy, Web sites, interaction diagrams, prototypes, Videos.

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