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I'm Jasvir (J or Jesse), a creative designer specializing in Human-Centered Design.

With expertise in UX, UI, multimedia design, production, and a passion for elements of art, music, and visual design, my career journey has contributed to a unique perspective on design and creative direction with the experience for product management. Explore the menu above to navigate through the site, I parsed it into two sections: "ME" for the personal side and "Professional" for a glimpse into my professional and experimental creative endeavors. From seamlessly integrating brands into designs to working in diverse settings, my versatile skill set reflects a blend of technology, innovation, and authentic user experiences across various artistic disciplines.

I'm excited to connect and discuss potential opportunities.

Areas of career interest are: 

  • Product Manager/Owner

  • Communications/Marketing Design Lead

  • Digital Design Lead

  • Creative Director

You can find my email in the menu, and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn as well.

Looking forward to engaging with you.


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