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I am Jasvir.

Welcome to my portfolio.

I am a designer and creative that uses Human Centered Design to create great experiences. I have experience in UX, UI, and multimedia design, production, and consulting. I have played many roles throughout my career and try to use those experiences to help shape my thought process through design and creative direction.


Use the menu above to navigate the site, I have broken my site down into two distinct sections the personal side [ME] of me and then my [Professional] side associated with paid work. I separated to give an insight into the whole me, I experiment with creativity and technology in a number of realms that supplement my paid work. The professional side allows me to showcase how I can implement a brand into my designs, still feel authentic, and evolve the brand and experiences. I have worked in agile and waterfall and in SLDC environments. I have worked in house agencies, start-ups, side projects, large and small organizations and as a freelancer.

If you would like to work with me on a project or as a consultant please reach out to my LLC:

I look forward to speaking with you.

You can find my email in the menu, feel free to book me or connect on Linkedin


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