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I enjoyed working with Jesse in the classroom. He is a great student and interesting person. He has thoughtful and challenging questions. Moreover, he is simply an all around 'nice guy'.

Steve Manderscheid

Augsburg Professor

I have worked with Jesse Singh since February of 2008. Jesse started as a Temp and was quickly hired as a SOSS 1 processing requests for client’s accounts. He is an extremely fast learner, is happiest when gaining new knowledge and helping others. He immediately started volunteering to help our SOSS 3 Reps during meetings and covered our phone queue. Within less then 8 months Jesse was promoted to a SOSS 3; he jumped from SOSS 1 to SOSS 3, skipping a level of service. As a SOSS 3 he took on more complex issues handling them easily, promptly and with a great deal of outstanding customer service.Our phone queue services two 800 numbers, one for clients and one for internal cross departmental questions. We take calls on WellsTrade self service online accounts where the clients do not have a Financial Consultant. We work directly with the client and other call centers. The issues are highly regulated by FINRA and sensitive in nature for the client which requires a positive, hard working, patient and resourceful individual to handle these calls. To name some of the issues we help clients through; Death, Divorce, Tax Withholding, Customer Identification Procedures, Fraud, Escheatment and any account maintenance requiring additional information when it’s not in good order. Our Resolution Representatives need to be able to remain supportive and caring while still communicating the rules and regulations we must follow to continue to service these clients.
Jesse was one of our key team members. He completed his work timely, efficiently, was a team player, volunteering daily to train others, help them with their workloads and work on Account Service projects. He was also involved in the testing for integration and readily volunteered with excitement. I appreciate his work ethics and values. His demeanor added a calm happiness to the team. Jesse truly shines. We miss Jesse greatly but are happy he is striving to reach his goals sooner than later.",
Jesse has been pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Communications. He was featured in an issue of Wells Fargo Operationally Speaking, Winter 2010. It showed a wonderful example of Jesse’s heart, mind set, positive attitude with work, his adoration of his fellow team members and the world around him. Jesse has a tremendous work ethic and embraces diversity; he has an edge on teamwork and customer service that can’t be ignored.

Sandy Haub

Wells Fargo Manager

As the MA in Leadership Program Coordinator at Augsburg, I have gotten to know Jesse well throughout his time as a graduate student. Jesse took initiative to make sure his work was done exceptionally well and in on time. Jesse has a positive attitude and a passion for creativity, making him a great strength to any team!

Jolee Lilja

College Peer

Jesse is an all-around team player who is quick to produce high quality work and assist on an array of projects. He brings forth abundant content and creative design knowledge and it shows in his work. I have never seen Jesse have an \"off day\" - he is always ready to perform and brings a friendly personality to the team.

Christina Grahek

Wells Fargo Business Partner

Over the four years that I managed Jesse he proved himself to be a creative designer and editor, strategic thinker, and wonderful human being. I could not recommend him any higher.

Sam Arenson

Wells Fargo Manager

Working with Jesse is a delight! He is a creative and strategic consultant who excels at designing sustainable and practical solutions. Jesse Is a true partner and I can always count on him to help me figure out how to get the job done right.

Andrea Tilkes

Wells Fargo Business Partner

I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Singh during an in depth design and architecture rebuild for the Veterans Administration, MyHealtheVet patient digital engagement tool. As Lead Designer on the contract, he worked in seamless collaboration with the client in establishing complex, multilayered design schemes using the Veterans Administration design guide and 508 compliance standards. Mr. Singh's excellent work ethic, natural design talent, and ease with multiple government clients allowed the team to deliver baseline mock-ups for future iteration by the government. Additionally, Mr. Singh was a valued member of Veteran discovery research and the program management team.

The best part about working with Mr. Singh, was his unmatched energy and enthusiasm for the work. A valued team player and mentor to junior designers, I would highly recommend him for large and complex design projects in the future.

Tami Corson

Business Partner Veteran's Affairs

Jasvir Singh was a student of mine at Augsburg College. He was a kind, conscientious, curious, and energetic student who was thoughtful and dependable. He has a mature outlook on life, and I have high regard for his motivation and potential. He's a capable person with a positive attitude.

David Lapakko

Augsburg Professor

Jesse is a positive professional that is extremely attentive to the needs of his business partners. He is capable of managing multiple projects and priorities simultaneously utilizing all of the technical resources at his disposal. When developing business and technical requirements, Jesse always takes the time to meet, listen, and understand the needs of his customers; catering to individual customer and business partner communication styles. Jesse's SharePoint expertise has proven invaluable to our team and his development/design skills have always exceeded expectations. His troubleshooting and problem solving skills are above par. Jesse would be a valuable asset to any team.

Meagan Constantini

Wells Fargo Coworker

If you ask anyone who has worked with Jesse, I guarantee they will say he's left a lasting impression on them! Jesse is that coworker that made our team laugh and awed us with his creativity. Jesse is not only super fun to work with, he's incredibly skilled and talented. His video and graphic production experience is extensive. He's been my \"go to\" partner for help in figuring out complex custom HTML and CSS codes and does it all with a smile. He's an excellent collaborator, quick learner and authentic. He would be asset to any company!

Nicole Matos

Wells Fargo Coworker

Jesse supported myself and my team with website designs and portal support. I am an out of box thinker in a regulated industry and Jesse always did a wonderful job helping to bring my vision to life, staying within our guardrails. He consistently made it easy for me, which I appreciated! He always found time in his schedule to meet, over the phone - not email, to ensure I was kept up to speed on my teams work even when he was busy with others. I enjoyed, appreciated and was always happy having Jesse support me!

Ruth Wu

Wells Fargo Business Partner

Outside of being one of the most caring, kind, generous, and funny individuals on the planet, Jesse is so highly skilled he makes everything seem incredibly easy. Any project, request or task, big or small, he’d accept with a smile and more than likely deliver more than expected. I could always count on his creativity, his consultation, and his work ethic and I miss working with him everyday!

Jennifer Doll

Wells Fargo Manager

You'll struggle to find a warmer and more thoughtful designer than Jesse. Empathy lies at the heart of everything he does, whether that's whipping up stunning wireframes, gathering feedback from stakeholders, or diagramming user flows. He strikes the perfect balance between what is, what should be, and what's possible.

Jordan White, MBA, CSPO

Mo Studio Coworker

Jasvir is a detailed oriented worker who is client focused. He researches all client issues with great detail to ensure that the clients needs are met. He is also very sociable and works well with his co-workers.

Lynette Nyabuto

Wells Fargo Coworker

Jesse provides a high-level of technical expertise, but displays his brilliance and passion as a creative designer/implementer. As an entry-level analyst, I had the privilege to be trained in by Jesse. His creative approach and ability to think outside-the-box has been extremely useful and has stuck with me as I have progressed in my career. Thanks Jesse!

Nicholas Olson

Wells Fargo Coworker

I highly recommend Jesse for a multitude of reasons - from his technical abilities to his “on the spot” ideation. Most of all, I recommend Jesse for his talent in communicating alternatives. It requires great patience and persistence to ensure partners understand the ramifications of their development decisions. Jesse does a great job negotiating these solution driven conversations and helping teams successfully move forward with next steps.

Anna Holman

Wells Fargo Business Partner

Jesse is a unique talent with a deep set of skills that would benefit any organization. I had the pleasure of working with him for three years, and in that time, he consistently led with creativity, passion, and excellent ideas on how to best connect with a variety of internal and external audiences. He's equally adept at producing videos, infographics, and a number of other types of content. He's also a phenomenal teammate and partner who thrives in collaborative environments. Beyond all the skills he brings to the work setting, he's an even better person. Jess is kind, thoughtful, empathetic, and always looking out for ways to support his friends and colleagues. He'd be a tremendous asset to any team, and any organization.

Matt Hurwitz

Head of Communications

You know you have a great partner when your ideas are getting fun, and you’re looking for every opportunity to work with someone. That is how I felt about working with my buddy, Jesse. He brought it all - creativity, fun, AND results. While creating visuals for the Food, Beverage & Agribusiness group’s Thanksgiving report, Jess was on a roll cooking up idea after idea, not just for the report, but for all the promo materials too. Jesse thinks big picture, and is always willing to roll up his sleeves to help everyone else just because he’s a good guy. And this is one good guy any team would be lucky to have!

Angenette Lau

Wells Fargo Business Partner

Jesse puts the HUMAN in human-centered design. I had the pleasure of working with him for several months and I have to say that he brings his whole self to any project. Not only is Jesse a talented designer and thinker, he’s also highly professional and one of the most inspiring individuals to be around. When working with him, you quickly notice that he puts people first. Whether it be in building relationships or the product work itself, Jesse always brings a unique humanistic perspective to the table that is invaluable when you’re trying to do truly innovative work.

Carl Dickerson

Mo Studio Coworker

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