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Augsburg Nursing Landing Pages

As the lead designer and developer for Augsburg University's Nursing Program landing pages, I embarked on a comprehensive redesign and development initiative aimed at enhancing user experience and engagement. The project focused on creating a clean and visually appealing space, ensuring mobile optimization, and incorporating clear calls to action. Leveraging key UX insights, we streamlined the navigation and content presentation to facilitate easy access to essential information, ultimately driving higher user interaction and satisfaction. This redesign not only modernized the Nursing Program's online presence but also significantly improved its accessibility and effectiveness across various devices.

Augsburg Digital Signs Site Enhancement

See how we improved the digital signage.

Virtual Tour

Augsburg’s embedded 360 tours

New Templates for Augsburg University

Augsburg is getting a new website (maybe)

Social Media Embedding

Augsburg needed a solution to an inability to embed social media content on an internal website.


This annual event requires web support and management, see how it worked out.


This annual event requires web support and management, see how it worked out.

Kinsta Migration

Augsburg & Luther Seminary used to have all of the websites housed on inhouse servers, this is the story of how I moved them to the cloud.

Digital Signage

The signs went down, I brought them back.

Multicultural Life

Horrible navigation leads to horrible experiences.

Media Authorization from Digital Transformation

Augsburg wanted to digitally transform their media authorization form.

Residence Life

Revamp the residence life website.

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