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About Me

Hello! I'm a multimedia designer specializing in Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design. With certifications and awards in design/consulting, I excel in multimedia production, design, and strategy. A graduate of Augsburg College with a MAL & a BA in Communications, I've been a full-time design lead and digital consultant, while also freelancing across various sectors.

I thrive on fearlessness and initiative, tackling tasks with experience-backed confidence. As a service-oriented leader, I enjoy mentoring and have contributed to patents, new products, and services. My value lies in positive leadership, innovation, process improvement, tech proficiency, and impactful service. I exemplify hard work, dedication, and mentorship, translating self-directed art into solutions people truly desire. I bring a unique set of problem-solving skills, techniques, and ideas that yield significant results without major financial impacts.

For further insights, feel free to connect using the provided contact methods.


Away from work I am an active father and husband, both of which are my muses. I value my family greatly and love traveling, adventures and play with them. Activities range from fishing, hiking, swimming, biking, games, watching movies and fun shows, gardening, going on spur of the moment trips.
Activities I enjoy solo are making music, fishing, gardening, reading, traveling, designing, drawing and meditation.

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