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About Me

Hi!  I am a multimedia designer that uses Design Thinking & Human Centered Design approaches. I have a few certifications & awards under my belt for design/consulting. I specialize in multimedia production, design and strategy. I am a graduate of Augsburg College with a MAL & a BA in Communications. I have been working in the banking industry as a full time design lead and digital consultant as well as freelancing within many other industries. I lead in a sense of fearlessness, I take initiative now matter how familiar with the task I am because the experience helps. I am also a service based leader and enjoy mentoring other designers. My work as resulted in patents, new products and services; and features & functions.

My benefit to any organization is positive leadership, innovation, process improvement, tech prowess and service. I set an example in hard work, dedication to craft, service and mentoring greener coworkers. Service as a designer is what separates a self directed art into that of something people would want/need. I have a unique and diverse set of problem solving skills, techniques and ideas that have made huge strides with little to no increase in financial impacts. 

If you are interested in learning more please do not hesitate to reach out using the various methods on the site.

What's up with the beard?

I am of Sikh decent, and while I currently am not practicing the religion the beard is a cultural connection and educational tool. 

Why all the Black hoodies, white t's & basketball shorts?

Comfy, Cozy & meaningful.


Diversity & Inclusion, Human Rights, Great Design, Conservation of our natural resources, Mindful consumerism, Making the world a little bit better than we have it (for the babies sake).


Away from work I am an active father and husband, both of which are my muses. I value my family greatly and love traveling, adventures and play with them. Activities range from fishing, hiking, swimming, biking, games, watching movies and fun shows, gardening, going on spur of the moment trips.


Activities I enjoy solo are making music, fishing, traveling, designing, drawing and meditation.

Feel free to learn more below

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