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Featured Case Studies

Wells Fargo Wholesale & CIB Communications


Problem: Needed more readership, engagement and social commentary


Opportunity: Redesign to add more imagery, less text, more video & social interactions via web using new and varied tools


Action: I designed architecture and interactive content for Wholesale Communications. Some typical content was turned into video content with motion graphics. I developed a process for leaders recording themselves and submitting it for final edits. 

Result: Better end user engagement, new ways to communicate information, more social commentary about content.


Problem: Getting traffic to their eBay Store & connecting to their social media account.

Opportunity: Create Digital presence with branded identities and easy to navigate site.


Action: Researched the card industry and found a lot of people buy and sell cards on eBay (most common), Facebook Marketplace & other tools. Designed and built landing page that connects directly to their store. Also has consistent branding and feel. 

Result: Increase in sales & customer interactions. &

Problem: The team came to me with wanting to create a digital product and help design their business.


Opportunity: Complete design, product, marketing and communications.


Action: Acquired all social media and domain related means. Built out phase 1 prototype. Completed various design documentation & templates. Created marketing videos.


Result: Created items to be able to take their concept into investor meetings and acquire capital for next phase. (now defunct site)


Problem: Our website needed updating of content in order to improve performance. 


Opportunity: Redesign and add more imagery, less text and a better flow to our landing page. 


Action: I redesigned various wireframes with relatively high fidelity and utilized iRise to prototype through the experience. 

Result: Redesigned the website with less text and legal speak (still available through hide/show and footer material) and created a future iteration that had the look, see and feel of modern fintech websites. 


US Bank


Problem: US Bank had a lot of paper processes that required printing costs and manual human workflow of moving a document from one stage of a process to the next.


Opportunity: Digitize the workflow using digital tools; also cut back on printing expenses


Action: Designed and developed interactive web forms, PDFs and websites with workflows so teams could seamlessly move work in a pipeline.


Result: 200% more efficiencies. (new ownership)


Problem: Owners were spending too much time (and money) with a developer to update their website. Owners also wanted to be more visible on the web. Add pages. Increase website capabilities and interactions.


Opportunity: Redefine a content strategy. Utilize APIs of existing software. Design & Build additional pages.


Action: Educated on SEO and Content Strategy for increased web visibility. Designed & built pages. Added APIs to the site to utilize existing management software.


Result: Moved from 8th page of google, to 1st page for search Minneapolis Yoga. Increased user engagement. Added additional pages for additional revenue streams.


Problem: Weddings & events are expensive, time consuming operations. Younger generations want to get married, but have to budget due to student loan debt and difficulty attaining better paying jobs.

Opportunity: Take one aspect of the wedding and streamline the processes and costs to a point where they can be affordable for all people.


Action: Researched the wedding industry and found the average wedding DJ costs 1200 in the Minneapolis area. It had minimal overhead and could be streamlined in some processes and additional features and functions added beyond the wedding. 


Result: Creating Dijay Singh has been profitable (Annualized ROI: 63.48%) and lead to numerous gigs and satisfied customers.

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