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My Approach to Flawless Consulting Method

I became certified by Designed Learning in Flawless Consulting. It is an approach to consulting  that allows organizations to utilize people in projects and build out project teams. It integrates personal relationships into a consulting role and allows clear communication. 


Utilizing this method of consulting has allowed me to communicate and work efficiently within teams. 


  • Seek to understand client's wants.

  • Discuss consultant's wants.

  • Gain agreement.


  • This is the analysis piece of the consulting role. 

  • Understand that this may display other underlying problems that the client wasn't aware of.

Feedback/Decision Making

  • Present findings back to client. 

  • Present options. 

  • Allow the client to see things whole. 

  • Client decides which decision to choose.


  • Decisions have been made. 

  • The client chose their path. 

  • The consultant agrees. 

  • Build commitment to the decision with all stakeholders. 


  • Once the project has been implemented. 

  • Ensure that there is a measurement/evaluation time in place. 

  • If the solution doesn't work, this allows you to change direction or terminate the contract.

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