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First Corporate Design

Recruiters often ask about when I started designing things for big companies here you go:

The year was 2005. My mom had some health scares, I moved back home from college to be closer. I started a job NTE in the sales and customer service department. Hurricane Katrina just devastated Louisiana and I had a customer call me wanting to purchase a large amount of water pumps, generators and other emergency needs. The problem was shippers weren't shipping to Louisiana because of all of the uncertainty. I spent 3 hrs on the phone with this person trying to help them get their items to give their friends and family. I went over my call time allotment, I conducted research to try to find a solution for the issue. I worked with the person to find a solution. It wasn't easy, rather it was complicated and required both of us to step out of our norms, and my employer to step out of it's normative script. The solution worked and in a timely manner. That person got their equipment and turned around and ordered more because I worked with them to design a solution. After that, the organization took some of the knowledge from that situation and sent it out to my fellow coworkers as a way to solution similar problems.

My role wasn't to design a graphic, or a website or a customer experience. My role was to listen and empathize with a human.

That was my first delve into designing solutions for problems.


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