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Projects & Roles - Lead Designer/Developer

AUGSBURG.EDU - Lead Designer/Developer

INSIDE.AUGSBURG.EDU - Lead Designer/Developer

LutherSem.EDU - Lead Designer/Developer 

inside.luthersem.EDU - Lead Designer/Developer 

IAM SYSTEM - integrated access management experience - Lead UX Designer 

DLP Messaging - A cyber security block messaging experience - Lead UX Designer 

1095-B Form Digitization - Digital transformation of a paper document -Lead UX Designer 

VA APT HUB Concept - Multisystem integration user portal directed toward veterans. - Lead Designer

LOB Banking Portal - 95+ subsites + DE&I Site, Wellness site, Team Moments Social, Teamworks - Lead Designer

Commercial Banking Communications Knowledge Base - Lead Designer

Commercial Banking/CIB Videos -  Lead Designer & Producer

  • 5 unique 2020 Holiday Videos

  • 2020 Year End Video

  • Hats off Video

  • Positivity Video Series

  • Tia Johnson Music Video

  • John Adams Retirement Video

  • Antiracism Allies Video

  • Ask Perry

  • Laura Oberst Year End Video

  • 2019 Thankful Video

  • 2019 Pets of Commercial Banking Video

  • Objectives Video

  • Numerous other leader videos

  • Exploring Racial Inequality

Commercial Banking/Wholesale/CIB Social Media graphics - Lead Designer

Commercial Banking/Wholesale Branding logos - Lead Designer​

Wells Fargo Commercial Banking News, Wholesale Banking News, COS News websites - Designer

CB, CIB, Wholesale Emails - Lead Designer

Wells Fargo American Family Insurance Mobile App - Lead Designer/Product Manager

Wells Fargo Insurance Website - Designer/Product Manager

Wells Fargo Insurance In-Store Kiosks- Lead Designer/Product Manager

2019 IABC Website - Designer 

2020 IABC Summit Program - Lead Designer

US Bank Retirement Services Intranet

US Bank Retirement Services Social Media 

US Bank Retirement Services Forms Design

Wells Fargo Innovation Team - Social media, Content - Lead Designer

Wells Fargo Cardless ATM - Lead Designer

Wells Fargo IOT Projects - Lead Designer

Wells Fargo Numberless Card - Lead Designer

Wells Fargo Innovators Club Website - Lead Designer

Wells Fargo Future Forge (innovation intake website & social platform) - Designer/Product Manager

Wells Fargo ICMP Platform - Business Analyst/Requirements Lead/Designer

Wells Fargo Mortgage Intranet Site - Lead Designer

Wells Fargo Document Management Information Site - Lead Designer

Wells Fargo Investments Intranet Site- Lead Designer

Northern Tool & Equipment - CSC/TS/SC

Catalog and Website edits

Authored content for new products

User guides - Lead Designer - Lead Designer/Creative Exec

Agricollective Non GMO Trader video - Lead Producer


  • Josh and Amanda's Wedding

  • Matt & Paige's Wedding

  • Mario & Cassandra's Wedding

  • Beth & Danny's Wedding

  • Zach & Christy's Wedding

  • Emily & Josh's Wedding

  • Jason & Siri's Wedding

  • Sour Beer Festival (2014-2016)

  • Yoga Rocks the Park - Lead Designer - Lead Designer - Lead Designer - Lead Designer - Lead Designer - Consultant

Option1Mechanical - Designer

BodyLab - Designer

BarreBliss - Designer

Radiant Life Yoga - Designer/Consultant

AIGA DE&I Task Force - Member

AIGA Design Thinking Challenge - Co Lead

I(M)ature Cable Access show - Designer/Actor

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